… and become a member of a dynamic community of stakeholders, policy-makers and experts. 

The challenges facing Europe have never been so great … nor the stakes so high. Join CEPS and make a vital contribution to the debate. 

EU policies and regulations have a profound impact on the operating environment of global companies invested in Europe.

CEPS research programmes cover nearly all European policy areas. CEPS Members receive a steady flow of authoritative studies, insights and invitations to a wide range of prestigious events focusing on the European Union and its place in the world. 

As a CEPS member you’ll have the opportunity to interact directly with EU decision-makers in a variety of settings, both formal and informal, to contribute your views to the policy-making process, to join informed and balanced debates on European affairs and hear independent views and obtain insights on political issues and legislative proposals.

CEPS appreciates its members’ continued support, which allows us to conduct high-quality, independent research on policy developments in the EU and beyond. 

Categories of Membership

CEPS members are geographically spread across more than 50 countries, and vary considerably in size and type of activities. They range from multinational companies with a presence in numerous countries to small regional groups. Based on their size and needs, we’ve designed three categories of membership. Click on the membership categories below to find out which type suits best your needs and to see the full list of benefits and fees:

Membership Guidelines

  • CEPS Members commit to fully respect the independence of CEPS and CEPS research.
  • Membership of CEPS is automatically renewed unless notification is given three months prior to the expiration date.
  • In the event that CEPS increases its membership fees, it will inform the member one month before the three-month period referred to above, i.e. four months before the expiration date.
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